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Our Story

Over 20 years of Luxury Barber experience

Luxury Barber with Modern Technique

Cuts Plus Barbershop and Salon is a traditional men’s barbershop located in the heart of East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio. Our barbershop offers a full-service, luxury barber experience at a reasonable price. Come visit one of our Master Barbers

Unique balance between old fashion and modern

We strike a unique balance between old fashion barbering and our modern hair cutting technique. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible barber haircut and to give you the haircut you actually asked for.

Friendly, professional service

Remember when a shave and a haircut were two-bits? And men obtained regular maintenance at their local barbershop? It may sound like a long lost relic from days of yore, however, barbershops are not extinct and Cuts Plus is all that.

We also offer a variety of products

We also offer a variety of products like pomades, shampoos, body washes and beard and mustache waxes. Stop in for your next haircut or just to check out the shop!

Come visit one of our Master Barbers or stylists to get a traditional shave, quality haircut, or hot towel treatment.

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